Let’s meet Telsa

So Telsa is a a Storage Server that runs FreeNAS and has two arrays for regular Storage i.e Music, Movies, TV Shows, Documents etc. The other Storage array is for iSCSI which is used for Velvet which runs all the VMs (only runs on 10gig network), the Storage array has total of 18TB in a RAIDZ2 configuration with 10TBs usable, iSCSI array has 4 1TB Disks in a Mirror reason why i went with a mirror for iSCSI is because mirror performs faster than a RAIDZ and makes no sense why you would want to run iSCSI on a RAIDZ configuration anyway.

The networking cards Telsa uses are Intel 2x Ports onboard & a PCI-E HP NC360T 2x all 4 Ports are in a LAG Configuration which gives a throughput of 4gbp and VLANs Setup. Which is used for the main Network.

Telsa also uses a 10Gig Card which is a Chelsio T320E which works out of the box in FreeBSD as well as Linux although i recommend upgrading the firmware on these cards for the latest BSD and Linux Kernel to get maximum performance. These Chelsio T320E cards are cheap on eBay thats where i bought mine from. Link only to Velvet and my workstation.

The motherboard which is used in Telsa is a Intel Desktop Board 1200BTL with a Xeon E31220 and ECC (Error-correcting code RAM) 16gigs this type of RAM is recommended for ZFS although you can run ZFS with NON ECC Memory but not recommended.

The drives im using are 6x 3TB Seagate NAS disks in RAIDZ2 and 4x 1TB Seagate Desktop 7200RPM disks for iSCSI.

The 4u Chassis is from Codegen but its the same as the Rosewill 4u Chassic its a ATX Rackmounted case i did a review on this case it can be found here. Review Link coming soon.

The Hotswap cages im using in this Codegen 4u Chassis are from Rosewill, they are just 3x 5.25 with support of 4x Drives each, bought 3 of them.

Telsa is also setup to use ZFS replication to send its data to the automated Server which is called Vaultmort, these backups are done in the night vaultmort wakes up at 12am to do a backup then goes back to sleep, wake is done via Wake on LAN with a script i have made.

Telsa also is setup for email notifications so if a disks goes bad or anything else it emails me.

Overall Telsa is a good Storage Server and it is stable and does what its suppose to do. it is still running FreeNAS 11.1.


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