Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi Build

From March 20th 2017

So I’ve been looking around for an alternative to my old AppleTV 3 which is obsolete. I have been meaning to get a Pi for awhile now so after searching around the net for an alternative decided to give the Raspberry Pi a go with OpenElec installed on a 16GB Micro SD card which gives me a whole new Media Centre on the big screen the good thing about the Pi is that it uses very little electric. A tiny little ARM based computer which actually works pretty well. The Pi 3 has a really good GPU which plays 1080p H.264 content from my NAS (Network Attached Storage) what is running 10.11.6 on a H97N-WIFI with a Core i3 4360 its loaded with 9TBs. I had problems with SAMBA in OS X SMB (SAMBA) is completely broken in OS X the only way i could get Kodi to load the content such as Movies, Music was to install either Linux or Windows in Parallels doing this solved my problem i hope Apple Fixes SAMBA. Overall I’m pretty impressed with the Raspberry Pi 3 its a great little machine I’m planning on getting two more Pi’s as I’m wanting to have another Kodi box for another room. The Enigma2 Client which allows you to use a Enigma2 Free To Air Satellite, Terrestrial box as a backend works pretty well on the Pi also. I’m also using the Flirc Raspberry Pi Kodi Edition Case along with a Flirc IR receiver which allows me to use a Remote Control. Everything works such as YouTube, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Tunein Radio



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