Cisco SG500-28P Switches & Ha (High Availability)

Howdy folks so i got two Cisco SG500 switches at Christmas I’ve been planning upgrading to switches that supports Stacking for Ha (High Availability) as I do Server to Server Communication using iSCSI and two Nodes that runs XCP-ng as i run crucial services on the VDN Network i need High Availability Switches. My old Switches i had […]

The Woes of CAM mps0: SCSI sense & mpssas_prepare_remove Errors FreeNAS

Howdy folks i have been having some problems with old Telsa recently, as you know Telsa is a 22TB Storage which acts as a SAN for two Type 1 Hypervisors in a Ha Cluster so reliability is a must. Awhile back i bought those Rosewil RSV-SATA-Cage-34 got 3 of them to go in my 4u Codegen chassis but […]

How to install Ubuntu Desktop using a USB Boot Stick For Beginners

Ubuntu Desktop is a great Open Source Desktop Operating System I have been using both Ubuntu Desktop and Server since 2017 although i have been testing it for a long time in Virtual Machines before i made the switch. I like Open Source because you have freedom. Please note that from 18.04+ there is no 32bit support so […]

How to create a Ubuntu Desktop USB Boot Stick on Windows using Rufus

Things you will need, A Computer running Windows 7 or newer. Access to the Internet. A 4GB USB Stick or Higher. Rufus can be downloaded from ISO image of Ubuntu Desktop. Lets get started. There are a few ways to obtain a Ubuntu ISO image you can download it via P2P aka Torrent or just a normal […]

How to use Windows Media Creation Tool to Create a Windows 10 Bootable USB

Things you will need, A Computer running Windows 7 or newer. Access to the Internet. A 8GB USB Stick or Higher Lets get started. The first thing we need to do is download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. Link Once the Tool has been downloaded we need to open it and you should be greeted with […]

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