Rosewill RSV-SATA-Cage-34 4 Hotswap Cage

So i was on the hunt for Hot Swap cages for my 4u FreeNAS Storage Server as the Toolless cages that the Codegen 4U600 Server case comes with are not that great. So i looked at a few hotswap cages online but didn’t fine any at a great price as they seem pricey, i came across the Roswill RSV-SATA-Cage-34 hotswap cage these supports 4 3.5inch disks in a 5.25inch form factor they take up 3 5.25inch bays in a ATX case, These Fits nicely in the Codegen 4U600 as this case uses the same setup as the Rosewill 4U chassis.

I was worried in purchases these as some people have reported that they had issues with the cages killing the disks on Amazon Reviews but i decided to chance it and pick one up. The first cage i bought was for the iSCSI Storage in Telsa my Storage Server, i did dissasemble to have a look at the quality and to see if there was any problems or how the backplane is made i did find that the cable that goes from the PCB to the front of the cage for LED lights was in the way of the 3rd disk so this makes certain drives not fit properly as the cable which is soldiered to the PCB is next to the 3rd Power and SATA/SAS connector it would of been better to put the wires elsewhere but this isnt a issue for certain disks.


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