VioletDragon runs both a internal Network & External Network

VioletDragon Network is hosting for both Storage & Services which can be accessed outside the network over OpenVPN for Clients and for the private network which can only be accessed by me. Clients have access to there own little bit of Storage. Clients are friends & family. Private & Guest APs are on the network. Guest WIFI is separated to the private network. Internet can only be accessed only on the Guest AP not the whole Network all done via VLANs in both pfSense & Gigabit Network Switch.

A huge database is also hosted on VioletDragons Network is running on a Database Server.

I run several Servers which are based on both Linux & FreeBSD (OpenSource).

Server 1,
Telsa is a 24TB Linux ZFS File Server which is used for both Storage & Clients Storage.

• ASUS P8H77-LE.
• Intel Pentium G2020.
• 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz.
• 8x Seagate NAS Disks.
• Dell Perc H310 LSI RAID Card Flashed to IT Mode.
• HP NC360T Round-Robin.

• Age 6 Years Old
• Estimated decommission date 2026
• Services
• NFS Kernel Server
• SMB Server
• ZFS Replication Server for Vaultmort.
• Ubuntu Server 16.04
• Uptime 255 Days
Server 2,
Vaultmort is a dedicated ZFS Replication Automated Backup Server which does automated backups from Telsa every night at 3am.

• Intel Desktop Board DQ67SW
• Core i3 2120
• 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz
• 4x 3TB Desktop Disks
• HP NC630T Round-Robin.

• Age 4 Years Old
• Estimated decommission date 2026
• Services
• NFS Kernel Server
• Ubuntu Server 16.04

Server 3.
Elm is another server which is only used monthly to do offline backups from Telsa which are Manual Backups over NFS Shares. (Only backups of important DATA.

• MSI G41M-P25
• Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
• 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz
• 4x 1TB Disks in a RAID (Stripped)
• Realtek 8111 Ethernet Card
• Marvell HBA

• Age 3 Months Old
• Estimated decommission Date (Unknown)
• Services
• NFS Common.
• Ubuntu Desktop 16.04

Server 4
Velvet is used for a Bittorrent, Web, Mail Server & a Archive Server also runs two VM Servers.

• Gigabyte Z77-DS3H
• Core i3 3225
• 8GB DDR3 1066Mhz
• 2x 1TB (Stripped) Using EXT4.
• HP NC360T Round-Robin

• Age 5 Years Old

• Estimated decommission date 2026
• Services
• Public SMB Server
• Web Server @thelinuxguy
• Roundcube Mail Server @violetdragon
• Transmission Web Server (Torrent Downloader)
• Windows 7 VM Server for Business
• Windows 7 VM @RetroServer
• Mail Sender @ violetdragon
• Ubuntu Desktop 16.04
• Uptime 215 Days
The Firewall is running pfSense. I built this machine to act as a Router & Firewall.

• H97n-WIFI
• Core i3 4360
• 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz
• HP NC360T.

• Age 3 Years old
• Estimated decommission date 2026
• Services
• Squid Caching & Transparent Proxy Server
• Traffic Shaper
• Guest Network
• OpenVPN Server
• pfSense (FreeBSD)
• Uptime 120 Days


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