The repair of the Linksys SRW2008P

Date of Repair, Mar 14, 2020

So i bought a Linksys SWR2008P from eBay used it came with the original box, rack mount ears and Power Supply but the switch had its issues, the issues are links randomly dropping and reconnecting also the Power Supply got red hot way to hot for my liking. i was going to send it back and get my money back but ended up having a refund and keeping the switch anyway. Anyhow i decided to repair this switch because i got it for nothing and POE switches are pricey for a proper POE switch. I would not of repaired it if it was a cheap crappy one,

Upon taking the switch apart i noticed that there were 8 Capacitors bulged and some leaking brown gunk but had to look up close with a magnifying glass to see the brown gunk. The replacement capacitors i picked up are from Panasonic EEUFR0J152LB 1500 µF, 6.3 V, FR Series, ± 20%, 105C at 9000 hours. These capacitors are high quality and better than the original ones that was in the device. Note that the new Capacitors are the exact same as the originals except these are High Quality. Please make sure that you get the same 1500 uF at 6.3V at 105c if you decide to repair the same switch.

New Caps came.
Here are the original capacitors that needed to be changed. 8 of them.

It took me about 4 hours to pull out the old caps and install the new ones. When installing new caps just make sure that you get the polarity the right way because if you don’t you will have a bad day.

The old crappy caps that was pulled.
New Caps installed

After installing the new Capacitors i plugged the switch in and then started testing. Power Supply no longer gets hot, No Link Dropouts so this repair was worth it and i also got it for nothing :). I did replace the Fan because the original is horrible so a Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX was installed as you can see in the pictures.

Its happily Powering Cameras, Access Points and a Raspberry Pi which acts as a Print Server on the VDN network.

I will end up giving this to my parents to Power there Access Points and other devices as i have plans on upgrading to some Cisco Switches with native Stacking and POE.

Overall the repair was really easy and worth it and saved it from the landfill.


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