Cisco SG500-28P Switches & Ha (High Availability)

Howdy folks so i got two Cisco SG500 switches at Christmas I’ve been planning upgrading to switches that supports Stacking for Ha (High Availability) as I do Server to Server Communication using iSCSI and two Nodes that runs XCP-ng as i run crucial services on the VDN Network i need High Availability Switches. My old Switches i had […]

The Woes of CAM mps0: SCSI sense & mpssas_prepare_remove Errors FreeNAS

Howdy folks i have been having some problems with old Telsa recently, as you know Telsa is a 22TB Storage which acts as a SAN for two Type 1 Hypervisors in a Ha Cluster so reliability is a must. Awhile back i bought those Rosewil RSV-SATA-Cage-34 got 3 of them to go in my 4u Codegen chassis but […]